Cabc cat a few years old

Cats can be born in 2 years old, but when feeding the cockroaches, don't reproduce frequent breeding, the body of the Cat's cat is not good.

The calf cat over one year old can be an adult cat, like other varieties of cats, the Cat cat is usually in the first time in 6-8 months, when they The body has not been developed completely. They just reach sexual maturity, have not reached the mature, so the owner is best not to make them mating, because at this time, the body of the Cat has not ordered the pressure brought by pregnancy, etc. Cats have considered reproduction problems after one year old.

Clipping cat's pregnancy is generally about 2 months, but the production time of cats is also closely related to its living environment, physical condition, eating habits, living habits, etc. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the cockroaches can be smooth and normal, and the feeding and management of pregnancy is very important.

There are many cases of premature birth, such as signs of childbirth during the 58th day of pregnancy. At this time, the child childbirth is due to premature birth, most of the physical disaster, the physical resistance is poor, and once the children do not have better care, it is easy to abort.

If more than 63 days, the cat is still not given birth, parents should pay attention. It is likely to have a problem, it is best to bring a doctor to the hospital to handle it, or the life safety of the cat and cat mother will be threatened.

Normal conditions, the Cat can be born two times a year, but after production, in order to get better recovery, it is best to have a next pregnancy for more than 1 year.

When the cockroach cat reproduces, it needs to be prepared well.

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