How big is the adult

Adult Cat Cats Its weight is generally around 8-14 catties, specific situation, and a big relationship with the public law of the Cat.

Cat belongs to the medium and long-growing cat, the adult cat's physical strength will be heavier, but it does not affect its lovely look, the snow white fur is like a snowball is like a snowball. . Regardless of the long-year-old cockroach cattle, it will be one of the best players for children.

Cat Cat is a large, cute and docile long-haired cat, it has a big and beautiful blue eyes. Like the color of the Cat, like Siam Siam, the body is shallow, while the face, leg, tail and ears are deeper. In most color patterns, these end sites may have some white streaks. An ideal wrapped cat must be balanced, no extreme characteristics. The sterilized male clip cat can grow to 20 pounds (close to 10 kg) or even more sinking; the female cat will be relatively small. Cab is a late-familiar variety, and their hair is at least 2 years old will be full enough, and physical and weight should be at least 4 years old.

When feeding a cockroach cat, it is necessary to supplement the corresponding nutrients.

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The bag is lost after the ear, which may be due to the cluiscus, or the bathing method is incorrect because the cocker is caused by the skin disease.Experienced cathers know that there are several cases of cats.Such as normal seasonal hair removal, malnut
The cockroach cat has a half color block, which is a method of paying attention to the choice of genetic factors such as genetic factors.1. Head: The head of the cockroach cat is large, but it is proportional.Triangular triangles in each side, these three
RagdollcatandBalidifferenceis thatthere are many,theyfacesize,as well as theirkey color, aredifferent.Baliis essentially along-hairedcatSiamese cat,isslimbody type.Compared with otherlong-hairedcat,itssoftcoatis short, there is noneck hair.
Ragdollinan adultbody weightcan also be reachedunder normal circumstancesabouteight kilogramstonine kilograms,thisis a verycutekittycat,isvery suitable fordomesticated.Ragdoll,also known as theBras d'(Ragdoll),originated inthe United States,it is a kind o
Puppet Sea Double is a kind of cockroach cat, this kind of cat is a very cute cat, and it is very warm.Cabccat, originating in the United States, also known as Brador cat, is a hybrid variety, one of the most existing, and most weight.
The lifespan of the Cats is generally around 15 years, and some of the lubs will be longer, and each cat is different.In addition to the variety and genetic factors, the specific life is related, and the management and maintenance of the day after tomorro