Siamese cat is very dirty

The Siamese cat is dirty in the ears, you need to help the Siamese cat to clean, need to make the corresponding preparation tool before cleaning.

First, of course, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools for the cleaning of the Siamese cat. For example: cotton sticks, towels, warm water, 75% alcohol or olive oil, etc.

Second, the Siam Cat is fixed between the legs, preventing cats from charting, and affecting the work of cleaning the ear.

Third, with a cotton roller with 75% alcohol or olive oil, cleaning the outer audience of the cat, then gradually infiltrate the dry ears, after it is softened, take out the ear wad carefully .

Fourth, when cleaning, do not break the mucous membrane of the cat's ear canal, so as not to cause the infection of the suppuration.

Fifth, if the Siamese cat's ear has been infected, first should be rubbed with cotton swabs and rubbish the hydrogen peroxide, repeatedly scrubbing the cotton rod does not stick to the proliferation, and then use skim cotton to take the ear canal Hydrogen absorption.

If the cat's ear canal is serious, then please send the cat to the pet clinic as soon as possible to conduct professional healing.

When feeding the Siamese cat, you need to pay attention to hygiene in the ear.

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