How much is Mumbai cat?

Mumbai cat's weight is generally 2.5-5 kg, which belongs to medium-size cats, Mumbai cat's muscles are very developed.

The medium is medium, the skeleton is heavy, the muscles are developed, and the weight is 2.5 to 5 kg.

Head: medium size, circle, no angular, forehead, full moon cheek, moderate short nose width, moderate short kiss, downlink, strong.

耳: medium size, sensitive, width, ear tip, large spacing.There is a sloping in the ear.

Eye: Big and round, the spacing is large.Bright, gold or bronze (gold is good).

Neck: medium length, thick and curved.

Body: Size, half-short.Shoulder and developed, chest width.The skeleton is heavy, the muscles are strong.

Legs and claws: Length of legs and medium size in bones.muscular.Circular, medium-sized claws.Small and elliptical.

Tail: medium length, straight, moderate thickness, tip of the tip.

Mumbai cat's body and proportion is better.

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Mumbai cat's life is usually around 12-77, life is almost like other cats, if the good life of feeding is longer.Mumbai cat's hair is black, the child is slightly, the adult cat is a black monochrome, the hair is short, and it is called a small black pant
Mumbai cat does not like this habit of biting the master, but because the growth environment is different, every cat's temperament is different. If there is a habit of biting, it can be trained.Cat bite this is the reason for the lack of socialization, us