Is there an exemption under the Siamese cat?

The Siamese cat's ear is generally unmunned. If the Siamese cat's ears have an exemption, this may be caused by non-pureness.

The Siamese cat's ear is not open, the ears are open, the Siamese cat may be the bloodline is not very pure. When choosing a Siamese cat, you must know that the Siamese cat's phase is better. Generally, you only need to pay attention to observing the tail of the Siamese cat, try not to choose the folded Siam cat, and the folded Siam has genetic disease, picking the Siamese cat can start from the following persons.

1, buy cats to see parents: first look at the cat mother Dad, what color, at least know that the cats you bought are not string.

2, pay attention to the shape of the cat cat: four, figure, should choose the legs long, the body is elongated, the hair is shallow, the face is a triangle face, the big ears, don't burn the face. If the tail is touching, the folded cat is pouring money. The color of the eye is deep, and more cats are more compared; the eyes are big. There is also a key to see if it is on the eyes, now there are many siamese cats on the eyes.

3, ideas: Don't buy a sick cat home, spend a big money is also sin, the cat's mental state is of course good, 扒 耳 看 看 有 有 有 有 有 有Look at the cat, there is no cat, the general family, there is nothing in the pet store, most of the cats, need special attention.

4, character: When you choose cats, you should take a funny to tease, and the owner knows which obey.

When choosing a Siam cat, pay attention to the method of choice.

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The Siamese cat ear is less, this is a great relationship with the Siamese Cat, when you raise the Siam cat, you need a good choice.Under the end of the Siamese cat, there is no emission, the ears have a siamese cat may be the bloodline is not very pure.
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The Siamese cat is red and tears, this may be because the Siam cat is long eyelashes, and it may be that the Siamese cat has a conjunctivitis, and the owner needs much to observe after treatment.There are some Siamese cats, and its eyelashes are inverse,
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