Mumbai cat is easy to get sick?

Mumbai cat is not easy to get sick, but if you are inappropriate, you will still cause cat sick. Raising a Men's catalog can conduct appropriate training.

Feeding Men, buying a cat should first prepare a comfortable and clean cat, let the cat can rest at any time. Then you need to prepare a cat toilet for it, and you need to develop it from a small training to develop, sleep, and defecation. For daily feeding, parents should be timed, quantitative, high quality feeding. The selected cat should be healthy and nutritious. It is not easy to use human food, or other pet foods can be used instead of feeding.

Life is on, parents can comb your hair once a day, keep the hair clean and tidy. Take the cat 3-4 times each week, clean at least 1 ears, eyes, anal gland, etc. For bathing, parents do not need to do frequent, generally determine the time to take a bath according to the actual situation of cats.

In addition, parents need timely to repair cats and cut nails, regularly trimming hair at the bottom of the foot. And you need regularly to buy a cat body, in vitro insectomy, and timely vaccine. In life, guide cats to walk, do more exercise, to exercise, strong body. At the same time, it also improves the body resistance of Ben's cats, far from the damage of the disease.

It is necessary to give a physical examination to the cat to ensure its health.

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Mumbai cat's weight is generally 2.5-5 kg, belonging to medium-size cats, Mumbai cat's muscles are very developed.Medium size, skeleton, muscle development, weight 2.5 to 5 kg.Head: medium size, circle, no angle, forehead
Mumbai cat's life is usually around 12-77, life is almost like other cats, if the good life of feeding is longer.Mumbai cat's hair is black, the child is slightly, the adult cat is a black monochrome, the hair is short, and it is called a small black pant
Mumbai cat does not like this habit of biting the master, but because the growth environment is different, every cat's temperament is different. If there is a habit of biting, it can be trained.Cat bite this is the reason for the lack of socialization, us