The difference between the Luoyu Cat and the Siamese cat

There is no difference between the Luo Luoke and Siamese cats. They are all the representative varieties of the Siamese cat, and it is more curious.

Siamese cat is a world famous short-hairy cat, but also a variety of shorthair cats. The race is native to Siam (now Thailand), so the name of Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was only raised in Thailand's palace and the temples, and it was a noble aristocracy. Siamese cat can better adapt to the local climate of the owner, and the character is very good, the wit, curiosity, and the understanding.

The head is elongated in a wedge. The header is flat, from the side, the top of the head is straight to the nose. The face is pointed, and the tip of the tip is protruding, and the V is formed from the kiss end to the ear tip. The nose is high and straight, from the nose to the tip of the ear, the equilateral triangle. Two cheeks thin, teeth are scissilized. The ear is large, the base is wide, the ear is tip, and it is upright. In the eyes of the eyes, the almond shape is blue, or dark or shallow. The extension line from the inner corner to the tip is formed with the ear tip. Ophthalmoid. The tail is thin, and the tail tip is rogue. The length is equal to the hind limbs. Good flexibility, muscle developed, slim, long edge, and long legs. The palm is very small and the elliptical. The tail is long and beautiful, the tip pointer.

As a famous pet cat, Siam cat can adapt to the local climate of the owner, and the character has just been moved, the wit, curious, and the heart is very good. Siamese cats like to be with people, and they can take a walk with belts. It requires the owner's constant caressing and concern, loyal to the owner, deep feelings, if it is mandatory to separate, it may be depressed. The Siamese cat is also very smart, so I can learn how to rush back to the parabolic. The Siamese cat's voice is unique or like a child's cry, and the sound is large.

Siamese cats have good body flexibility, muscles.

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