Mumbai Cats a few months

Mumbai Cat usually takes about four years old to become a cat, Mumbai cat is very critical for four months, this time is a culture habit.

In fact, the life of the cat is about 12-17, and the life of the general eager cat is slightly longer than the shorthair cat. Cats raised in the room are long, and the life cat is longer than the life of the female cat. Cats have entered the age of 10 years old. Most cats have died around 14 years old, but with the current level of living, there are many cats that are increasingly longer.

Mumbai cat's life and general cat are almost, if the owner is more useful, Mumbai cat can also live longer.

When 2 to 4 months, it is a key moment of Mumbai cat growth. The good Meng to buy a cat will be a sensible and polite cat. At this time, the cat is a cat mother taught the kitten hunting skill. If there is no cat mother taught it, it will be self-training because of the mobile object, so there will be a bitter of people.

To stop it in time, serious, but don't be too strict, don't hit it, buy some toys to train it to bite toys rather than attack the owner.

It is a cat in the age of 4, which is all black by Gengen to the hair, which makes the glittering golden eyes more charming. Two ears, upright, slightly pour, two ear spacings.

Mumbai cat must guarantee clean in the feeding process.

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Mumbai cat is not easy to get sick, but if you are inappropriate, you will still lead to catasishes.Raising a Men's catalog can conduct appropriate training.Raising a Men, buying a cat, first preparing a comfortable and clean cat, let the cat can rest at
Mumbai cat's weight is generally 2.5-5 kg, belonging to medium-size cats, Mumbai cat's muscles are very developed.Medium size, skeleton, muscle development, weight 2.5 to 5 kg.Head: medium size, circle, no angle, forehead
Mumbai cat's life is usually around 12-77, life is almost like other cats, if the good life of feeding is longer.Mumbai cat's hair is black, the child is slightly, the adult cat is a black monochrome, the hair is short, and it is called a small black pant
Mumbai cat does not like this habit of biting the master, but because the growth environment is different, every cat's temperament is different. If there is a habit of biting, it can be trained.Cat bite this is the reason for the lack of socialization, us