Siamese cat off blue film for a few months

Siamese cat is generally delanter in 3 months, the specific time, this is a relationship with the body of the cat, some cats will be late.

The iris pigment precipitate and blue-ray reflection determine the eye color of the cat,

The pigment precipitate of the iris is caused by melanin, and the color is arranged from lemon yellow to dark orange or It is brown. Further, the transparent eye structure (lens) is also reflected as a glass as a glass. If you look at the front, the glass is no color, but slowly moves the angle, it will see it green or blue. Similarly, the transparent structure of the Eyes of the cat is also transparent blue, and the depth of depth from colorless to a deep blue or like violet blue. This color set of blue light reflects and the color generated by the iris pigment precipitate constitutes all the eyes of the cat.

The iris pigment precipitate and transparent structural pigments were controlled by multiple polynomymphomers of different locations on chromosomes. Kitchen in the same geo inherited these polyges from the parents and produced different eye colors. Different polygeids are arranged to the alignment of the color of the color.

When the child is born, it is a blue gray eye.

When the kitten was born, it was generally 11 to 15 cm and the weight was 70 to 135 grams. Newborn kittens has not yet opened, and the ear is reversed, so I can't see it. The first progress in the development of kittens is that it starts to blink in five to ten days; eight to twenty days eyes can be fully open. The color of the eye is usually gray blue, about six to seven weeks old, this early color begins to change, the blue film will fade, gradually, but it is also fixed to the three or four months. The color is fixed. Diseases and damage can lead to changes in eye color in a cat in a cat.

Basically, when the iris sky is blue or light blue, it is still blue. When I was a child, I was so blue, but I didn't have blue, but it was yellow or green or yellow green. .

The Siam cat blue film has not retired, pay attention to the hospital for examination.

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