Mumbai Cats a few months of eyes discolored

Mumbai cat's eyes were blue, and finally gradually became gray, etc. After it was completely long, it became deep purple copper or gold.

The eyes of the duty are blue, then become gray, and finally become deep purple copper or gold. Since Mumbai cat has a characteristic of patent leather hair, it is more bright and very beautiful.

Mumbai Cat also known as small black leopard, Mona Lisa, mini Poodu, in 1958, by American breeding, Burmese cat (black cat) and the United States, black shorthair cats. Mumbai cat is black, the oil is shining, the hair is short to close the body, like a patersery. As far as the appearance, Mumbai Cat is like a small black panther, but its character is opposite to the appearance.

Mumbai cat's calmness, gentleness, stable, but it is not afraid of life, rich in feelings, I like people intimate, I have been hugging, and I will have a good snoring. So this beautiful black kitten is well received by people, is a good partner of human beings. Mumbai cat is very good, it is easy to integrate with the surrounding environment, it can also get along with the dog, but there is not necessarily unable to be unable to live with the dog.

Mumbai cat is a very beautiful cat, it is very suitable for domestic.

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Mumbai Cat usually takes about four years old to become a cat, and Mumbai cat is very critical in four months. At this time, it is time to cultivate habits.In fact, the life of the cat is about 12-17, and the life of the general eager cat is slightly long
Mumbai cat is not easy to get sick, but if you are inappropriate, you will still lead to catasishes.Raising a Men's catalog can conduct appropriate training.Raising a Men, buying a cat, first preparing a comfortable and clean cat, let the cat can rest at
Mumbai cat's weight is generally 2.5-5 kg, belonging to medium-size cats, Mumbai cat's muscles are very developed.Medium size, skeleton, muscle development, weight 2.5 to 5 kg.Head: medium size, circle, no angle, forehead
Mumbai cat's life is usually around 12-77, life is almost like other cats, if the good life of feeding is longer.Mumbai cat's hair is black, the child is slightly, the adult cat is a black monochrome, the hair is short, and it is called a small black pant
Mumbai cat does not like this habit of biting the master, but because the growth environment is different, every cat's temperament is different. If there is a habit of biting, it can be trained.Cat bite this is the reason for the lack of socialization, us