What medicine is used in parrot?

When the parrot fish is white, a pharmaceutical such as penicillin can be selected, but do not blindly use the drug to use the drug, you need to understand the cause, symptomatic treatment.

Why the parrot is whitening:

1, injection pigment: I was injected with pigments when there is a fish, and after it comes back, the pigment gradually disappears, so the parrot is gradually white.

2, Feed: Parrot fish from small, it is necessary to reduce the feed of Zengulin, may be a feed problem, to buy feeds that have a red-red effect feeding them, whether the color is Will get white slowly.

3, Environment: The parrot fish just arrived in a new environment, there will be a white color whitening; when they are adapted, it will gradually change.

4, Water Quality: Parrotfish will be shallow in the first 2 to 4 hours of resection of water, but will soon recover red. Similarly, if new water is not added more than 4 days, the parrot will also make white. Therefore, it is generally changed from 2 to 3 days, and one-third or quarter is changed at a time. Keeping water can ensure that the parrot does not fade.

5, Fish Disease: If the parrot fish got a white disease, it may cause the color of some parts of the fading to fade, even becomes white.

6, temperature: Although parrot fish is strongly adapted to temperature. However, in fact, the parrot fish is quite sensitive to the temperature, and in the case of low water temperature and water temperature, the color will also make white.

7, shocked: The red parrot will appear faded after scare.

How to do parrot fish whitening:

1. If only the pigment problem, you can buy a feed feed feed for the red-red effect.

2, bold salt, add Nonoming, also have a friend with penicillin, it is said to have good effect.

3, whitening parrot fish do not need to be raised separately, because the remaining fish have been infected, but the physique is different. Don't change water, just add naturally evaporated water, add water temperature to be slightly higher than the cylinder.

4, the water is warmed to 30, and the oxygen pump should not stop and stop feeding.

5, in time to buy a fish, please consult the method, don't delay.

When feeding drugs, there is a need to control the corresponding dose.

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