How does the parrot fish grow?

Want to raise parrot fish, need to raise water in feeding, but also need to supplement nutrition, parrot, the specific size of parrot, and its varieties.

Let's talk about parrot water temperature, 25 ° C -30 ° C is good. Parrotfish likes new water, and time is busy, I have to remember that the water will be guaranteed twice as better. At the same time, the natural respiratory system of parrot, so the oxygen in water is relatively high, preferably 24h to ensure oxygen.

Parrot fish is related to a feeding problem, then what is the parrot? Parrot fish is more mild, diet, red insects, bread insects, small fish, cockroaches, sheets and particles can be used to feed, twice a day, morning and evening. Feed selection can be a common parrot fish feed in Bao Zenghong, Rama Red and other markets.

Parrot fish feeding will encounter a lot of problems, such as entering the toll problem. Under normal circumstances, the parrot will disconnect when the courage is in the new cylinder, and avoid being frightened, and the parrot will slowly adapt to the water quality and the environment. It is best to mix with other fish species, one is from aesthetics, one is a parrot fish character. The fish tank is not suitable for landscaping, you can place a sinking wood and pottery to regulate the water pH while letting the parrot fish hide. Beat the aquarium properly when feeding, let them come out, light and filtering, help the water quality adjustment and parrot fish.

There will be some parrot disease in the breeding of parrot fish, which requires us to prepare fish medicine in the home, so that it will be treated in a timely manner. With regard to mixing, it is best to mix with Luo Han, Luo Han has an aggressive, you can choose from Dragonfish (details), battles and pineapple mixing, these are nice choices.

Parrot fish breeds involved in a parrot-breeding problem, because the parrotfish is a red devil and violet fire, so it is not a reproduction ability, but interested players can use Cihidi breeding.

The size of the parrot fish is also related to the manner's feeding method.

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