How to raise blood parrot fish

When the blood parrot fish is in feeding, it is necessary to maintain a good water temperature, but also pay attention to the water filtration system, and do not mix blood parrots.

First, a blood parrot fish belongs to a tropical American fungus is small, which is small, very good, generally in group feeding. The water temperature remains around 26-28 degrees, requiring a water filtration system in the fish tank, which is about to have a small circulation pump.

Note: Don't scare when feeding, the red parrot fish is afraid, when the surprise is the biggest performance is fading, the best cylinder is placed in the cylinder to place a few sinking fish to hide.

Second, how does the blood parrot fish are most red?

1, 混 混 窍: It is best not to mix the blood parrot fish and other fish colonies, avoiding it, scared; frightened fish will become thin and color; The number of parrots should not be much, because the blood parrot fish is more lively, love to play, such as a 80-cm aquarium, 20 of the blood parrot fish.

However, there is another group of people like a mixed aquarium. This is also good for green radish. In the choice of mixed fish species, violently launched the appearance of some Cihido, which is some Central South America, is in line with it! Because the body of the blood parrot is approximately triangles and cannot close the mouth, it can choose the low attack (only impacted to bite), you can choose the golden pineapple, black cloud, red pearl knife, and pearls, a class of fish to match, except In addition to the diverse body color matching, it can also achieve the peaceful coexisting point in a certain balance

2, feeding: The most important thing in the blood parrot fish is still eating a pigmentable feed, feeding from. Feeding some blood parrot fish bought from the market. Special feed, you can also feed some shrimp, which contains shrimp in the body of shrimp to maintain the color of the blood parrot fish.

3, water temperature: maintain proper temperature and excellent water quality, the water temperature is preferably 28 degrees. Avoiding the dramatic changes in water temperature, causing the color of the fish or other colors, spots. Controlling the water temperature can also be less prone to infection and death in the bacteria in a short period of time.

When the blood parrot is reproduced, it is necessary to separate.

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