How to raise the parrot fish

Parrotfish wants to raise heads, this probability is very low, and this specific variety of parrot fish also has a certain relationship.

Parrotfish, because its appearance is characterized by a parrot bird that is usually seen, and the ordinary parrot, forehead is depressed, and the mouth is all unstack, like a parrot in the bird. Of course, the average person accepts parrot fish that can't grow into such a, most people like the parrot fish, which is the mackepita, wealth of wealth, and some although not King Kong and God of Wealth, but with this Some parrot fish on the heads of two fish.

The parrot fish is benefited from its parents - red devil fish. This fish is a kind of cuisine, with strong aggressiveness, and has a good starting gene, the King Kong and the godda fish are genetically inherited the beginning of the red devil. Of course, there is a written fishman to take the red magic ghost like King Kong to sell, get profits, which requires everyone to make more observation and judgment when purchasing.

About the parrot fish start, not necessarily Diamond and God of Fortuna, but through his own breeding, you can like fish and Diamond or even the god of wealth, there are people, with red devil fish and female parrot Fish breeds a parrot fish similar to fish, nice, very nice.

The parrot fish starts with a size. The big, that is, the meat or lychee head, that is, the character of God god parrot, now is more beautiful, it is the ganta. However, there is no possibility of spherling the water, the water head will take the phenomenon of the external environment such as water quality, scared, and need usually to stimulate, trouble, hard, this phenomenon rarely occurs. Although the King Kong parrot fish does not have a big fortune, the body is beautiful, and it is also very popular among the majority of fish friends.

When feeding the parrot, pay attention to the way the parrot fish is raised.

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If you want the parrot fish to endure, you should pay more attention to the problem of feeding.1, the new cylinder did not raise water, or with the water without drying, and a large number of changes (nitrocellic bacteria did not cultivate).Workaround: ra
It is very important to raise parrot fish, pay attention to the water quality of parrot, and the water temperature of parrot, and the pH of the water.Parrot fish prefer new water, so some people change to one-fifth of water in the cylinder every day, so t
When the blood parrot fish is in feeding, it is necessary to maintain a good water temperature, but also pay attention to the water filtration system, and do not mix blood parrots.First, a blood parrot fish belongs to a tropical American fungus feature is
Want to raise the parrot fish, you need to raise water during feeding, and need to add nutrition, the specific size of parrot fish and its varieties.Let's talk about the water temperature of the parrot fish, 25 ° C -30 ° C is good.Parrotfish likes new wat
Parrot fish whitening is caused, and it is necessary to return to normal after the parrot fish, it is necessary to understand the reasons why the parrot fish will be given to the corresponding treatment improvement.Why does the parrot will make white: 1,
Parrotfish whitening this is due to injection of pigments, or feed or the like, it may also be affected by environmental and water quality.Why does the parrot will make white: 1, injection pigment: In the fish dealer, it was injected with pigments, and af
When the parrot fish can change to this is related to the factors that cause the parrot fish whitening, it is generally necessary to improve it for about one or two weeks.Why does the parrot have made white: 1, injection pigment: in the fish dealer, it wa
Want to turn the parrot fish to the treatment, then when the parrot is treated, pay attention to what is the factor that causes the white-chalkity whitening, symptomatic treatment.Why is the parrot? 1, injection pigment: In the fish dealer, it was injecte
When the parrot fish is white, a pharmaceutical such as penicillin can be selected, but do not blindly use the drug to use the drug, you need to understand the cause, symptomatic treatment.Why does the parrot will make white: 1, injection pigment: Inject
The parrot fish appeared in this case, which may be due to the environmental discomfort, or it may be caused by the low temperature.Why does the parrot have made white: 1, injection pigment: in the fish dealer, it was injected with pigments, and then the