How does the parrot fish will not die?

If you want the parrot fish to endure, you should pay more attention to the problem of feeding when you breeding parrot fish.

1, the new cylinder did not raise water, or with the water without drying, and a lot of change (nitrocellic bacteria did not cultivate). Workaround: raising the old fish, change water, heat the temperature, salt (if there is a clear ok, there is no sugar salt, if salt, it is recommended to make the clemantfa in the container, because the law is very afraid. Salt). It should be noted that the blood parrot likes weak acid and low hardness, paying attention to water temperature regulation, if the amount of feeding is recommended.

2, it may be more fish, not filtered, ammonia poisoning. Solution: Reduce density, strengthen filtration, change water.

3, the fish is generally hypoxia, the parrot is most afraid of hypoxia. However, if the temperature of the fish tank is low, the body of weak fish may catch a cold. Solution: Filtration and oxygen 24 hours, observe whether fish is usually floating. The oxygen is sufficient, the parrot will rest in the low-level rest, of course, do not exclude the domain of long-term suspension in the middle. Is it active? The color is light and the physique and the new environment is not suitable.

I want to feed the parrot, need to prevent fish in advance.

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