How to divide the family of three-color fairy fish

Tricolor fairy fish should pay attention to their genitalia when they are divided into pupils, and they need to pay attention to problems such as their body color.

Tricolor fairy, scientific name (PterophyllumscalarEvar), a freshwater fish in the squid, Cixi, and the fairy fish. It is the artificial variant of the original Skay fairy fish, which has great changes compared to the original species, very beautiful, is a classic traditional ornamental fish.

The three-color fairy is actually a fairy flower class, which is both a variety of black and white fairy caviars that have a variety of black and white fairy fish, and the head is gold or orange, and the head is gold or orange. Senior three-color fairy fish. Based on hybridization, there is a panda three-color (golden head or red) and cloud stone three colors (gold head or red head), of course, if there is a transparent scaner, it is called a glass three color. The three-color godfish is generally rich, and the body length is more than 10 cm or even, the circular dish is round and thin, plus gorgeous colors often be the most striking fairy fish.

The female gods can be distinguished from their reproductive mastoid, and the essence of the male fish is a tip of the tip and the fallopian tube of the female fish is thick and circle. After 2-3 days after production, I will hatch, just The hatching is less than a thin silk to adhere to a laying bed approximately one week. After using the yolk sac, the fish will use the mouth to move the child, and the fish will be responsible for the small fish.

It is also possible to judge the male and male fairy fish through the head, and the female head is flat.

Feeding three-color fairy fish, you need to pay attention to its actual situation.

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