Will the godfish eat zebra fish?

In general, the godfish does not eat zebra fish. When feeding fairy fish, you need to pay attention to which fish can be raised together.

What is the godfish and what mixed?

1, kissing fish:

Kissing fish is originally produced in Thailand, Indonesia, Sumatra, etc., for common ornamental fish, wild body length 20 ~ 33 cm, artificial farming 3 ~ 5 cm, One of the small ornamental fish in the ornamental fish variety, because the two fish kiss each other and get known as the name of the fish and receive a lot of fish friends, the meaning of their love is long. In fact, kissing fish is not only the same as the same-sex fish, but the kiss is not friendship, but a battle.

2, beard fish:

Beard fish, don't be called beard, sticky fish, pond fish, raw fish, toned fish, etc. Grass, stone or deep water, general night foraging activities frequently, prededing objects are small fish, such as snacks, squid, 鰕 tiger fish, wheat fish, squid, mud, etc., also eat shrimp and aquatic insect. The squid is dominated by swallowing, and the role of teeth is mainly to prevent food escape.

3, red zebra fish:

Red zebra fish is easy to feeding, suitable water temperature is 18 ~ 26 ° C, the water quality is not strict, the water quality is neutral, its heat resistance and cold resistance It is very strong, which can grow well in water above 10 ° C, which is a low temperature and low oxygen fish. Like to eat red nematodes, sludge, etc., you can also feed feeding with granules. The temperament is gentle, lively and exquisite, almost keeping in the water almost in the water, can be mixed with other small fish, is the ideal fish species of the first feeding.

4, pearl vest:

Pearl vest fish live in the water of the water and grass, the temperature range is 20 ~ 30 ° C, the most suitable water temperature 24 ~ 28 ° C, pH 6 5 ~ 8, 5, gentle, especially the female fish, the male fish has the tendency to attack the females after mating, and there is also a fresh battle between the usual male fish. Can't mix with the fierce fish, otherwise it will be bleak light, even if it is not eaten, and the fish cannot be mixed with the body-shaped fat, and will also chase these small fish. .

5, mouse fish:

The mouse fish is an excellent mixed fish species in the aquarium, which belongs to the squid, and currently About 120 to 150 have been discovered, but the truly named is only about 80%, and there are many mouse fish, and the classification and name are confused. The best growth temperature is between 22-25 degrees, and the individual is quite Cold, and can be mixed with most fish.

6, colorful gods:

Although the color of the god fairy is called the godfish, it is very far from the fairy fish, the fairy fish is the horizontal fairy fish under the fairy fish. , The spirit of the fairy fish and big god fairy fish, and the seven-color fairy fish is the yellow brown tray of Panli.The general name of Lishi, Panli and Tarli Palei is suitable for weak acidity to neutral soft water at a pH of about 6 to 7, but most of the artificial modifications can also adapt to highly hardness of weak alkaline water quality.Generally, the water temperature of the feeding water is maintained between 26 and 28 ° C.

Raising fairy fish, water quality is very important.

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