What is the parrot likes to eat?

There is a lot of things that parrots like to eat. Its favorite is some cereals and millet foods. These foods are very much like to eat parrots.

The food to eat peony parrot is diversified, and it is not a single one.

As: cereal: millet (with shell or without shell), rice (increase carbohydrate and energy), rice (in winter to supplement nutrient good items, but should be less, otherwise fat content Highly causing fat precipitation), oatmeal (supplement required nutrition), brown rice (higher than the carbon hydration of rice), buckwheat (diversified nutrition), hemp seeds (only 10 capsules can be fed, the fat value is too high) , Oughtball (very good parrot snack, but also less), peanut rice (high nutritional value, kneading into the bowl).

If nutrition does not keep up, lead to hair removal, bad spirits, thin Baba (except for the birds), you can feed the following beans: Yellow beans (cooked in the mud, a spoonful of scoop with a spoon Hello, a small amount of meals, add a little honey effect better), red beans (nutritional value is high, cooked, plus a little honey, will be very good chick feeding), broad beans (high nutritional value, used Feeding Nutrition Lack of parrots), green beans (green beans, high nutritional value can be fed in summer). Vegetables must be essential, it contains vitamins, chlorophyll, all kinds of vegetables feeding, so that the baby parrot feathers are more bright.

Carrots (feeding the parrot feathers more vivid), cabbage (my parrot eat), Chinese cabbage (the best vegetables in winter, not easy to dry, big cabbage on the frost), milk cabbage (Can add a lot of necessary nutrition) ... Note that spinach and pears can not be fed!

Fruit supplements vitamins and moisture: Apple (eat oysters), bananas (let parrot digestive) , Orange skin (eat can prevent disease, can also supplement nutrition), grape (sufficient water, replenishing vitamins).

There are also some foods that calcium supplementation should be prepared: ink bones (sufficient calcium, used to prevent cartilage and enhanced body), egg shell (friends who can't buy ink bones, eggs can also Calcium supplementation), the sea powder (generally can't be purchased).

When you feed the parrot, you should pay attention to the time of feeding of the parrot, and it is not easy to get sick.

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