Crow eat what

The crow eats very much, almost what it will give it to it, so the crow can be said to be an omnivorous animal.

There are almost something that is almost eating, cereals, fruits, insects, birds, mice, and humidies can be their food; they even eat seashell animals, clamping the shells with the crowd, and strikeRock, break the hard shell, then eat the meat inside.

The crow doesn't like to get along with people, and the report is very strong. If you do it hard, it will be bullied.

The digestive machine of the crow can be weak. It is easy to digest the feed. 10% -20% of corn surface can be added after 10 days of age. After 30 days, you can improve the powder mix and chopped green vegetables.And add bone powder, fish powder, seashell powder, etc.

The crow is trying not to disturb when it is eating, because the crow is nor like to get along with people.

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