What to eat

The things that magpies eat are also relatively miscellaneous, but it will change their eating because of the environment, in general, eat insects in the summer, and eat fruit in winter.

The foodability, the food composition varies with the season and the environment, and the summer is mainly insects such as food, and the other season is mainly based on plant fruits and seeds. Common food types include locusts,, 金 子, 象, beetle, 螽斯, land tiger, loose worm, 蝽 蝽, ant, fly, snake and other lepidoptera, co-wood pops, painting, wicked, etc. The larvae, which also eats the chicks and bird eggs. Plant food is mainly fruit and seeds of trees such as trees and shrubs, and also eat corn, sorghum, sorghum, peas, wheat and other crops

give the magpie feeding leaves, steamed bread, rice, buns, dumplings eat , Still love to eat meat. The pork ribs that have been licking, and the shrimp skin is also eaten. Hystaining, in the wilderness and field foraging, reproduction of small animals such as larvae, land tiger, gold tortois, moth larvae, frogs, and other birds, eggs, and fruit, Cereals, plant seeds, etc.

There are a lot of things to eat, but don't feed too much when you feed the magpie.

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The magpie has been called the bird of the newspaper, the magpie is a senior architect, and it is often a symbol of auspicious in the private basis.喜 益 处: According to scientific workers in Nanjing and Hunan's survey, the magpie has a year of food, more t
The formal characteristics between the mysterium and the female birds are different. Most of the magpies are black, and the abdomen is white.Magpie (Name: Picapica) is a bird of the Birds.There are 10 subspecies.Body length 40 ~
The time is different, and there is also an influential in the fierce, and the general magpies represent a happy event, and it will also make good things happen.1, happy event: Magpie is a common bird in life, in many myths in China, magpies are auspiciou