What is the owl?

Owl mainly eats mice, and some other animals with birds and insects, although the owl is terrible, but solves a lot of natural problems, so I can't take it.

Owl's food is mainly in rats, also eat insects, birds, lizards, fish and other animals. Insects, 蚓, frogs, lizards, small birds and mammals, etc. Bird, snake, rat, chick, duck, rabbit, etc. As long as it is a small animal, it eats, the mouse will be more.

The owl is an important benefit, the only bird that can distinguish between blue. The superstition legend considers that it is unlivied, and it should be strong.

The owl mainly focuses on black lines, black wire hamsters, big hamsters, brown field rats and other farmland and small houses, brown homemice, etc., and some small birds. Mammics and insects, insects, swords, bats, beetles, turtles, locusts, 蝼蛄, etc. At present, there is a very serious mouse in all countries. Owl is the strongest bird of catching mobility. A owl can eat more than 1,000 mice each year, which is equivalent to protecting several tons of food for humanity, indeed hard work.

These are the food of the owl, which actually has a good function of inhibiting the mouse.

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Owl belongs to bird animals, usually at night, usually it is difficult to see owls during the day, and the owl is also a national secondary protected animal.Birds, 目, 鸱 科 鸟, commonly known as "night owl".Owl, called 鸮, because of their eyes
Owl is a bird animal, the main food of the owl is a mouse or a bird, which belongs to the national protected animal, and the quantity is also relatively small.Birds, 目, 鸱 科 鸟, commonly known as "night owl".Owl, is called 鸮, because of their eyes
Owl belongs to birds, it still has a name called night owl, which is generally preyed bird or mouse for a living, and the owl is a national protected animal.Birds, 目, 鸱 科 鸟, commonly known as "night owl".Owl, is called 鸮, because of their eyes
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