What food eats

Eight brothers eat insects, but will also eat people to eat food, so I just want to know what it can't eat, I want to let it eat.

Fruit: Apple, Cucumber, etc.

leeks: shrimp (depettening), lean meat strips (thin strips).As long as 2-3 or the bar is enough every day.

Staple food: rice, or doing some eggs and fried rice can also, or other tarnacies we eat

Note: The bird is not eating greasy food, this is the most important.

Daily materials: commercially available 鹩 鹩 (3 ~ 5 yuan / kg to 10 yuan / kg), graze the feed and mix the egg liquid and mix well.

Auxiliary materials: fruit purement (apple, orange, pear, grape, etc.), green puree (green leaves, water purification hot bubble), baked egg shell powder, Xiaoximir strain.

These are something that I can eat, I can try to feed it.

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