What to eat

The eight brothers and general birds are almost the same, they will eat insects, so I can let the eight brothers eat some small bugs, but I can try it to feed some other food.

The food of the eight brothers can't be too much. It is also possible to pay attention. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the digestion of the eight brothers, and the food is relatively large. Therefore, we must do it well in food preparation, at the same time It is recommended that everyone is better when feeding the eight brothers. It must be cleaned in 1-2h. At the same time, pay attention to the replacement of water!

Insect, birds eat insects is a very common Things, so we can use insects as appearance, after all, we can't catch so many insect feeding, but we can buy some cockroaches online, bread, bread.

Egg yolk size, use an appropriate amount of rice, stir fry in the pot, then add some oil, give rice fried, put into a egg yellow, continue to stir, know that rice grains become golden yellow, aroma charming, We can feed it in the potted pots eating.

When feeding eight brothers, in addition to food is important, the feeding method cannot be ignored.

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