What kind of food is eating

The relatively common in the cereals insects, but the quail will also eat feed, but it is necessary to feed in the right way while feeding the feeding.

Tymnose ingredients can be 52% of corn, 27% of the bean cake, 10% fish powder, 5% of the grass powder, 1% of the bone powder, the crude protein content of 24-25%; calcium phosphorus ratio 2:1.Alternatively, 15% of the gums are added, or 10 grams of multi-vitamins and appropriate amount of trace elements per 100 kg feed is added.Feeding a small amount of antibiotics in the feed is better, which can prevent disease, and promote growth and feeding in the digestion, add a small amount of water into a paste feed.I like it, but the feed is easily polluted, and the summer is easy to deteriorate.Feeding the feed, you need to supply water with a water driver, and the water should continue to supply the day.At the beginning, I feeded it at the beginning. After two weeks, I fed six meals, and I was changed to date after four weeks.A small quail is given, about 0.5 kg of fine.

When you feeding, you must remember to drink more water, so that absorption can be promoted.

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