What to eat

The quail is an eaten animal, so many things will eat, except for the cereals that will eat in general birds, they will eat insects and other insects.

鹌 mainly eat weed seeds, beans, cereals and berries, young leaves, tender buds, etc., eat a large number of insects and larvae, as well as small invertebrates, etc. in summer.5-6 hours after the shell will run, and you should not be too late.Open the mixture of corn, fragmented rice, wheat flour, can be added with cooked egg yellow.Second, three days later gradually feed the full price mixed feed.The rare of raising is mainly corn, rice bran, bean cake powder, bran, fish powder, bone powder, leaf powder, salt, green vegetables, insects, etc.Feed more sample, nutrients should be comprehensive, you can choose good quality, strong adverse, complete nutrition, cheap, and more cheap feed, and sufficient supply of feed.The 鹌 料 is mainly half-wet material, feeding 5 times a day, 30 grams per day.

Most of the quail will eat feed, so in order to be safe, it is also feeding it.

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