What kind of feed for Argentina giants eat

Argentine giant eagle does not eat feed, because it is very large, it is on the grassland, so it is not suitable for feeding, and there will be no problem to eat feed.

Because the body is huge, the Argentine giant eagle may not have a natural enemy.Therefore, they should breed slowly, probably every 2 years, 1-2 eggs each time, each egg weight exceeds 1 kg, the chillyfriend needs about 16 months to independence, and it takes more than ten years.Argentine giants may live in 50 to 100 years.They live in the vast Pampus steppe, these big birds are not strong, can't kill large and medium-sized prey, usually for the predation of small animals.However, Argentina giant bird is a typical opportunist, who will not miss the animal body, just like today's vultures.

Argentine giant eagle generally eats small animals, the attack power is not very strong, so don't be afraid of it.

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