Is domestic Pomeranian dog?

The family is good, this need to see if the dog owner can accept the shortcomings of the Pomeranian, and do a good preparation before feeding.

1, Mao Duqi:

Pomeranian hair is a double-layer hair, divided into bottom hair and brother, usually more troublesome for hair care, because hair is easy to dirty, So going out, I often get a dirty home, I have to clean it,

So, with Pomens, you can choose some more clean cement roads or pebbles, etc., but also to comb. These simple care commended, but also pay attention to the lightness of the diet, you can choose some dog food containing deep sea fish, which is beneficial to the dog hair.

2, curiosity, powerful:

Bomei is very curious, and the excitation is extremely high, it will make a big baptism in the home, although the body is small, but due to it High excitation, so relatively small dogs, the ability to split the family is also very powerful,

So when the feeder can take the dog snack (chicken dry, sheep cheese) into the bottle Out, let it play it yourself, have fun, reduce the harm to furniture, come back to see that you will not borrow.

3, easy to have eye disease:

Pomeranian eyes are also very prone to problems, because the blood circulation does not have a very advantage, the general dog's dog will have a certain age, there will be white The incidence of visceral or retinal is very high, and the owner must be very careful. At the beginning, it will protect the eye of the dog. The food is as low as light, you can choose some high quality natural dog food. Don't choose some inferior dog food because of saving expenses, it will cause more damage to the dog's body, regularly carrying the dog to the pet hospital for eye examination.

4, bone crispy meat easy fracture:

Bomei dog body is relatively small, the legs are relatively slender, and the fracture is prone to occur. I saw a lot of genus dogs jumped from a little higher than a little higher, and for this situation, the calcium deficiency, excessive calcium, and the strenuous exercise will be produced, and "so this means the Bremen Dog The dog is not too suitable for too much intense exercise. For the Bome's weekly, you should pay attention to calcium phosphorus balance. Diet is selected to have calcium phosphate dog food, avoiding some difficult movements of climbing stairs, standing, jumping, etc., can use snacks with snacks The induction method gives the dog to sit some sitting, the inletation, etc.

5, the air police love:

Pomeranian machine loves, calling the sound is very penetrating, many large dogs don't have its voice, so many people don't like. Although the Pomeranian is very big, there is no attacker. The Pomeranian listened to a little voice, which would be very excited, especially in the middle of the night.

This will bother the neighbor and family's normal life, so the owner will be well trained. When the dog is called, it is called it, don't listen, if you don't listen, you will gently pat, if you don't call it, rewardDog snacks, so slowly training, I believe that there will be improved.

Pomeranian is more lively and paying attention to it.

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