Can Tibetan Mastiff?

Tibetan miliary can be vegetarian, but it also needs to feed the meat and other foods in Tibetan mastiffs. When you feed the Tibetan mastiff, you need to pay attention to whether there is a corresponding nutritional demand.

Whether long-term vegetarian diet will have any benefits or risks to dog health, in fact, feeding dogs, vegetarian food, will not bring more benefits or bad things than feeding meat. But the biggest risk is whether vegetarian food can balance the dog's diet, so the dog can be safe as a vegetarian, but there is a very important condition. Before changing the dog diet, first asked the veterinary, you can help the owner to find a dog nutritionist. Dog nutritionists can help the owner plans to plan any kind of professional diet while ensuring that nutritional needs.

1. Energy Feed:

Plant's grain real class, by-product bran, starch, root, tubers, melon fruit, etc., belong to energy feed. Its common feature is that the digestion is high, and there is more thermal energy generated. Tibetan maize is commonly used, rich in nitrogen-free leaching, but the low protein, the essential amino acid content is insufficient, especially lysine and egg nitrogen content (0.3% ~ 0.69% and 0.16% ~ 0.23%), calcium is lower than 0.1%, phosphorus content is as high as 0.31% ~ 0.45%, while more in phosphoric phosphoric formation, digestion and absorption of Tibetan mastiffs. Therefore, in the formulation of diet, it should be avoided, and it is supplemented with it. The energy feed of Tibetan Mastiff is used with corn, wheat bran, gravel rice, rice, three-class flour, sorghum, sweet potato, potato, etc.

2, Qingman Juicy Feed:

This kind of feed aquifer is 75% to 90%, the protein content is rich, the thick fiber content is low, calcium, and the ratio amount of calcium, and the vitamin content is rich. In particular, the carotene content is high. At the same time, green juicy feed is a kind of nutrient relatively balanced feed, however, its dry matter is low, for Tibetan mastiffs, only a supplementary feed utilization of vitamins. Vegetables and non-starch-root stems are petrochemical, such as cabbage, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

In addition, small Tibetan mastiffs can eat egg yolk, and the advantage of egg yolk is not only rich in proteins, but also contains vitamin A, calcium and minerals that are easily digestive. For puppies with poor physical fitness, consider additional to some vitamins and minerals, you can consider feeding 21 Jin Wei, and there is also a pet-specific puppies. Although the cattle, pig, chicken, etc. are excellent food, but when feeding the puppies, it is advisable to choose a portion that does not contain fat because fat is easily deteriorated. But you have to feed, don't feed the meat!

Small Tibetan Mastiff only has a balanced balance, it can grow well.

Small Tibetan mastiff can make some dog food, but homemade dog food nutrients are not very comprehensive, as a pet doctor recommended that the owner will give dog food while feeding dog food, it Provides more than 40 or more vitamins and minerals, while specializing in protecting the gastrointestinal probiotics formula. Now many Tibetan Mastiffs areeat.

When feeding Demu, you need to control delicious food.

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