How to train Bomei dogs

Pomeranian training, it is very important, it takes a timely stop when the Bomei is biting, and it is too heavy, and it should be too heavy, control the hardship, and patient training them.

When training, you can use colloidal extension lines, or wires, put it in front of the dog and hide, do not let the dog discovery.If it goes to bite, it will be impossible to spray it.Throw some of the toys it like to give it.This exercise is carried out every day, and the dog has seen the electric wire and did not dare to bite.

Every time the dog is biting, telling him that it is not possible, then hit his head or mouth side, be careful not to hit the nose and the ear and any part below the head.It's too heavy, the dog will be afraid, and he will think that the owner is playing with him, the mouth will be more exciting.

When you raise Pomens, you need to conduct a corresponding training.

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