What food is eating after Tibetan mastiff pregnancy?

The food eaten after the Tibetan mastiff is a nutritious food. When feeding the Tibetan mastiff, it needs to control delicious food.

1. Tibetan mastiffs in a month of pregnancy, it does not have to give the mother a special nutrition. As long as you maintain normal eating habits, you can add some nutrients that are more easily digestive to feed the mother. At this time, the mother-in-law is in the early stages of pregnancy, so the embryo is very small, so the demand for nutrition is not very strong. At this time, the nutrients needed by the embryo can be obtained through the uterine milk, so this stage does not want to make a big complement.

2, Tibetan Mastiff is pregnant for about a month and a half months, and some nutritious food can be appropriately added, such as eggs, beef. Of course, everything can not be too much, although the mother's mother has increased in this stage, but the fetus in the abdomen is still small, so the demand for nutrient is not particularly large. Just add some nutritional supplements, because of the words, the fetus absorbs too much nutrients, long too much, the mother's mother has a risk of breeding.

3. After the mother's pregnancy, the owner will see its belly than a day, the little guy in the abdomen will gradually form, and the appetite of the mother's mother will increase, and the appetite is strong. It should be noted that the mother-in-law can be given more than half of us, but must not be eaten by the appetite of the mother's mother. Because the mother's mother is because it is too long, it will lead to a long to be too long, so that there will be a bad product.

4. Pregnant mother has eaten some foods that are easy to absorb, nutritious food, such as lamb, beef, animal liver, pork, etc., you can use water to cook and give it to it. . Of course, in order to balance the nutrition of food, there is still a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Tibetan mastiffs also need to exercise proper exercise when pregnant.

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