How many of the Tibetan mastiffs

Tibetan mastiff, its shoulder height is 61-71cm, its weight is 64-82kg, it is a large dog, the Tibetan mastiff is very fierce, you need to pay attention.

Tibetan Mastiff (English: Tibetan Mastiff), also known as Tibetan Dog, is a dog class, is a fierce dog. Its color is more iron, yellow, black (black is not pure black, but in the chest, the limbs are slightly white hair), etc., it is originally produced in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is strong, noble and arrogant, strong power, agility, and poor endurance, the puppies have poor memory in adulthood. The typical characteristics of this variety is that the alerture is high, the territory is very loyal, and is extremely loyal to the owner. It has strong hostility to strangers in the territory, which is good at protecting the owner and its property.

Tibetan mastiff has a loyal nature, not only the best protection dog of the nomad, but also is also identified as the best guard dog of the king, the head of the tribe. The Tibetan Mastiff is tall, the character is resolute, and the power is very brave and the wild is still survived. Tibetan mastiff length is about 120 cm long, the body is rough, rich, the outer wear is not too long, the bottom hair is thick and soft, the wool, cold, can sleep in the ice and snow. It is very rare under warm climatic conditions. Killed land, protect food, good attack, have strong hostility against strangers; although it is extremely intimate to the owner, it constitutes a serious threat to the public in the human living area. The world's most ferocious dog species.

The ears are medium size, V-shaped, natural sag, close to the face, naturally lift, the ear covers short and soft fluff. The amount is deep and the eyes are moderate, the eyes are deep, and naturally separate is almond shape, slope. The black is shining, very god. The facial surface is wide, the nose is firm, the nose is wide and large, the intranasal flats, the two shoulders are smooth, the muscles of the backbone. The forefoot cat is full, quite large, strong, and there is hair between the toe and toes. The nails may be black or white, and a single habitant guide may appear. The hind leg is strong, the muscles are developed, and all parts have a prismatic angle. From the back, the hind legs and knees are parallel. The joint is strong, natural sagging and foot vertical.

When feeding the dog, you need to pay attention to its body.

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