Demu Can Decheng?

Demu is not able to catch the wild rabbit, and the wild rabbit is generally the Gree dogs. When you raise Demu, you need to pay attention.

The spirit dog is one of the ancient dogs, is a purebred dog, and the body has not changed from ancient times. First training to use visual tracking prey, the visual hunting dog, is the fastest dog class in the world, and speed can be 64 kilometers per hour. However, this dog prototype is not only exquisite, but it is also suitable for family dogs.

Since ancient times, the hare is a chasing competitor of the Lingli dog. Today, in order to train the artificial machinery rabbit, it makes it chase.

German Shepherd, alias Germany Black Back (Beckle), that is, people often say - German wolf, this dog is said to be native Germany, the only confirmation is that in 1880 this dog has Fixed in Germany and use it as a shepherd dog. They are agile, and they are suitable for the working environment, they are often deployed by various tasks. Then, after the First World War, he was raised by the Germans and as a military dog. After the growth of the Germans, it is essentially shaped. Because the body is high, the appearance is powerful, and has strong work ability, therefore in the world with military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, collie, ornamental, and domestic pet dogs.

I want a dog to catch the rabbit, and there is a certain understanding of the dog's variety.

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Catsuddenlycalledlove,thismay be because thecathungry, theremay be acatnot feeling well,oriscaused byacatin heat.Some catslovemorethan any othercat called,butifthe catmeowconstantly-especially ifthis is anew behavior-it isworth a look
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The hare is mainly eating some vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, grapes, apples, can not eat mulberry foods such as onions, leeks, green onions.Rabbit is a herbivore, like eating food is: carrot, sweet potato, dangle, pumpkin, spinac
The hare is different from the pet rabbit. When you raise the hare, you have to follow the habit of hare, so you have to create a wild environment for the hare.Artificial breeding hare, should be based on ground circle, because if you encounter a sound or