What is the done of Demu nose?

Demu nose is dry, this situation is not normal, generally because Demu's body is uncomfortable, and it needs to be treated according to specific conditions.

First, under what circumstances:

German Shepherd dogs are too lazy to do this, because it doesn't have much energy to do this It seems very simple to move. Just like a person who is sick, I don't want to get up, I don't want to wash my face, I don't want to brush your teeth, and so on. Dogs also have no energy to do this.

The fever is an important reason for the dry nose of the German Shepherd. Because the body temperature of it is gradually increased, plus it is not licking nose, so the nose is particularly easy to dry.

Dogwind, this kind of hit the disease is a symptom of the early stage of the disease, and the dog is also accompanied by the dry cleavage of claws.

Second, under what circumstances, the nose is normal:

In normal case, the dog may have a dryness of the nose, when the dog just woke up, The nose is dry is normal, because when you sleep, it will not go to the nose; when doing some strenuous exercise, the dog's nose will be slightly dry, because its attention is doing sports, at all There is no time to lick the nose;

Third, the precautions

Under normal circumstances, the color of the dog nose is black, slightly moist. If not a dog, it is very likely to be sick, fever. If there is a runny nose, it may be a cold; if the nose has a pussy secretion, the dog is likely to get pneumonia, or other infectious diseases, should do the doctors as soon as possible.

When Demu is inadvertent, it takes a timely check.

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