Pomeranian began training for a few months

Pomeranian started training in 4 to 6 months, it is better, this time is a golden period of training Pomeranian, and it needs to be mastered when training.

1, fixed point size:

General training Bomei fixed point is in 2-3 months of dog, 2 months to 3 months old Pomeranian It is easy to accept fresh things.

First of all, prepare the Teddy dog u200bu200bto the toilet, this location is fixed, and can not be replaced freely. The owner can take the newspaper with the dog with dog urine in a fixed place. When the Bomei is about to solve the size, he will hear the ground. At this time, it should be taken to the dog's hand. At the beginning, it may not be in a fixed location. At this time, the owner needs to be accused, and clean with soap, as long as it is repeated, patiently tune the general one, two weeks, slower to three, four weeks Can learn.

2, Bark:

Friends who have raised Pomens should know that Bomei is a very alert, likes to be messy, this is a very bad behavior, need to correct . When the owner found that the dog did not rager, it should be stopped immediately. If the dog stops, if the dog stops, it will give a reward, such as some chicken dry, sweet fries, etc. If there is no effect, the dog is still barking, you can take the newspaper roll into the cylinder to gently pat, let the dog know to be punished!

3, Papid:

There will be many pomposes in the dog, and there is nothing, if you come to you, you can't like others. Dog, this is awkward. So if there is a puppetous person's povery, you will blame and correct it!

When training Pano, you need to be patient.

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