Dragonfly can deworming during the vaccination

Xiaode Mu is not able to deworming during the vaccination, and there is a need to have a certain interval between vaccine and deworming to avoid affecting the health of Demu.

1, when the dog is trying to vaccine, the body must be healthy, unhealthy dog, can not be vaccinated. The love pet network explains the reason in the foregoing because the vaccine is a weak toxic.

2, dogs to vaccine and deworming, don't give them a bath.

3, the dog first vaccination, generally need 3 needles, the interval cycle is about 20 days. The second year, you can only make a needle. Generally, the vaccine will give the owner a red immune home, and there is a vaccine injection time. In the second year, I was injected around one month in advance. Finally, strictly follow the time, because if you go abroad, you will check this small, unqualified words, will be very troublesome.

4, the dog in the body is insectomy, generally the interval time of half a year, different drugs are different, but also need to eat according to weight, the specific situation, need the pet owner to ask the doctor, love pet The network is not convenient to say.

When giving a vaccination for Demu, it is necessary to pay attention to the corresponding matters.

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