What color is Demu's eyes?

Demu's eyes are almond type, and its eyes have brown, light brown, blue, of course, some Demu appear iris color.

German Shepherd, alias Germany black back (shell), that is, people often say - German wolf. This dog is said to be native of Germany, the only thing confirmed is that in 1880 this dog has been fixed all over Germany and is used as a shepherd dog. They are agile, and they are suitable for the working environment, they are often deployed by various tasks. Then, after the First World War, he was raised by the Germans and as a military dog. After the growth of the Germans, it is essentially shaped. Because the body is high, the appearance is powerful, and has strong work ability, therefore in the world with military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, collie, ornamental, and domestic pet dogs.

The length of the head of the German Shepherd (never in a great good) head is preferably 40% of the body, the width of the amount and the length of the head is one bit ratio. It should not be too much too thin. The nasal neck is equal to the forehead, the eye is higher than the nasal neck (see schematic), which is above the side of the nose neck from the side, the forehead is flat to the nose neck, the dog's The jaw sound is strong. The front line of the nasal beam is slightly rushed to the mandible line.

When choosing Demu, you need to pay attention to the problem.

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