Can Demu eat the viscera of a fish?

Demu can't eat fish's internal organs, this is only harmful to Demu's body, and when you feed Demu, don't feed it can't eat.

First, xylitol:

Both chocolate is very terrible for the dog's killing. However, xylitols for dogs, the killing is larger, and xylitol is mainly in chewing gum. Half chewing gum is sufficient to lead to 10 pounds of Teddy acute hypoglycemia. 3 grams of xylitol can kill 60 pounds of heavy dogs. After eating, blood sugar declines, 24 hours does not deal with, can lead to severe liver failure and death. Therefore, for dogs, xylitol is 100 times the chocolate. Therefore, xylitol can not be fed! Can't feed! Can't feed! The toothpaste, chewing gum, etc., must put it! Prevent dogs from dining!

Seeds and cores of the fruit:

This is important, some of the fruits of the dog beneficial fruit, such as apples, seeds and fruit cores contain cyanide, people and Dogs are deadly poisons. Cyanides can also present the dog's intestines, and there is no omen's death in 24 hours. Dog dog eats fruit is a good thing, but it is very dangerous to eat the seeds and check!

Third, poultry bones:

This is most of the pets will ignore, many people think that dogs eat bones? Eat bones and calcium supplements! In fact, you have to know that the dog is eating bone to supplement calcium, the opposite can lead to constipation! Moreover, even if you eat bones (used to grind teeth), it is recommended that the pet is chosen to choose cattle and sheep pigs, not sharp poultry bones. Bone, such as chicken duck, will become abnormal, and it is easy to scratch the dog's oral and tie the digestive tract (gastrointestinal) and lead to bleeding.

Fourth, usually drink milk:

Some people think that the dog needs nutrition when the dog is small, and then give them milk, actually this is not scientific, because of milk With higher lactose, the pet dog is generally lacking lack of lactase. Therefore, after the dog is drinking milk, it is not able to fully digest the lactose, so there will be diarrhea, bloating or even vomiting. So try not to feed the milk to the pet dog, you can choose goat milk powder, which can supplement nutrition, health and safety for dogs.

Fifth, celery:

Celery, a class of vegetables that often see on the table, and its aroma is deeply like many people, and in addition to delicious, its Health effect is also recognized. It has a lot of benefits to the human body, such as lowering blood pressure, help sleep, but don't feed dog, because the fiber tissue of celery will make the dog have suffocation, parents should pay attention!

Sixth, the meals on the human daily table:

Many people will eat human eating for their own pet dogs, in fact, this is not right, not all dogs are dogEven if it is a potion, eating people have eaten things for a long time, it is harmful to the body.Because of the food of human eating, the salt is particularly more, and the dog cannot take too much salt. If there is too much, it will lose the hair or even a skin disease.The dog is usually to eat dog food. It is the most healthy. It is customized for dogs.

When feeding Demu, pay attention to safety issues.

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