Can Jihuahua go out to slip?

When winter, it is not recommended to take a joyful doll. If you know that Ji Dova is very easy to catch a cold while winter, don't blindly walk.

1, warm goods:

In winter, our human beings need some warm clothes, or warming measures to ensure the balance of heat in the body. Dogs also need, at this time, parents can place a hot water bottle in the dog's nest, or place a pet's carpet, of course, you can also choose the pet warm lights.

In particular, when the puppy, or if the body is weak, the winter must have these things in winter.

2, warm clothing:

In addition to these hardware, parents can also put on the clothes to the body, especially when the temperature falls below ten degrees, appropriate The clothes are very good for dogs, and they can save the body temperature of the dog.

3, changed the dog food:

In the winter, parents must change some of the energy to the dog, which can fight against cold high-calorie dog food. Because in winter, the heat consumption of Chihuahua will be faster, and parents must pay attention to this aspect. Of course, in daily life, you can also eat proper meat to increase the heat of itself.

4, reduce the bath:

Millions in winter, try not to take a shower for Jihuahua. It is basically washed once a month, or it is OK for two months. If you usually use dry cleaning powder to properly wash the dog. Only the number of times the bath is reduced, the Chihuahua can reduce the chance to be afraid of cold.

When the dog is out, you need to pay attention to the problem of safety.

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