Cause of Gihuahua stomach pain

Chihuahua's stomach pain may be due to Chihuahua caused by pancreatitis, and it is also possible that Chihuahua suffers from gastroenteritis or the intestines of Chihuahua suffer.

There are many reasons for dog stomach pain, and the rapid pain relief method is to stop pain, or to eat painkillers, but they are not ruled, it is recommended to find out the cause from root cause.

First, the dog's pancreatitis will cause severe abdominal pain in the abdomen, mainly in the back of dog bows, which requires treatment for pancreatitis except for the pain.

Second, foreign objects scratch the intestines, this situation can also cause dog abdominal pain, if there is a swallowing material recently, it is recommended to take a film, if there is a surgery taken out.

Third, gastroenteritis, or viral gastroenteritis, there may be intestinal paradise, causing pain, so that the pain can not be treated with pain pain.

When the Chihuahua is serious, it takes time to send it to the hospital.

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