Why is Gihua?

Chihuahua is always grinding, this is likely to be due to the anal gland of Chihuahua, it needs to be cleaned up for the Ji doll.

The so-called anal gland is a capsule gland in the anus of Chihuahua. It is some pale yellow secretions, which usually discharges outside the buds. However, if the anal gland is inflammation, there will be some different samples to block anal gland, causing secretions that cannot be discharged in time, accommodating around the anal gland, oppressing the anal gland, so the dog will use the anus.

First, you must turn up the doll tail upwards to protrude the anus. The finger is then squeezed at the four o'clock of the doll anal.

With the right hand finger and the index finger, hold the anal gland in the direction of the four and 8 o'clock, and the anal gland inward inward is extruded.

After squeezing, it will feel the discharge of the anal adeno liquid, so that the anal adeno is evacuated several times, and the anal adeno is evacuated. However Pay attention to, improper force, but will make an anal gland, try slowly.

If the gland has been blocked for a period of time, the secretion is extruded like a toothpaste, rather than ejecting, usually only gently squeezing them.

If the dog's anal gland is not squeezed, there is another way to put the index finger and thumb into a slightly releared portion below the gland, and gently squeeze upward.

Normal secretions are pale brown, and the concentration is from water samples to the cream, and there is apodular. If the secretion is pus, it has been infected, and it is necessary to see the doctor as soon as possible.

If the owner can touch the accumulation, but squeezed out, then the anal gland has been blocked and must be treated as soon as possible. Do not swell.

It is necessary to perform regularly to the dolls, and it is possible to do it once.

When feeding Jihuahua, you need to pay attention to health care.

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