Chihuahua characteristics

Chihuahua Sick Characteristics: Spiritual Wil, Body Not Suitable, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fever, etc., you need to pay attention to Kuihua.

Chihuahua's skull has a door, simply that the head cover is incomplete, and there will be a small hole on the top of the Kihuahua, which can hoard the cerebrospinal fluid; The disease caused by the disease is called hydrazine. There are some diseases who have this disease. Some of them will use their brains to hit the wall. The road is not stable, and even the eyes are invisible, but some do not have any symptoms.

If the eyes of the Kihua's eye is increased, it may be corneal inflammation, conjunctivitis, and may even be a dog's poppity. In addition, when Chihuahua is sick, it may vomit, diarrhea, fever, appetite decline, stream Dosing, bad breath, nosebleed, tongue swollen, cough, etc. Note that there are many diseases affecting the health of the Ji Dova, for example, cold, gastroenteritis, small, canine, oral disease, skin disease, etc., different diseases caused by different diseases are also different.

When you raise Jiga, you need to do the work of the corresponding care.

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