Chihuahua a few

Chihuahua is 3-5 or so, and the specific situation requires the case of the corresponding situation in combination with the corresponding situation. Chihuahua needs to add nutrients when pregnant.

After the dog is pregnant, the general parents will adjust the amount of food appropriately to supplement the nutrients needed by the female body. It is important to note that the female dog is not only paying attention to diet, but also pays attention to curing, such as health must do it. There are about 60 days in the gestational period of the female dog, and during this period, it is not suitable for taking a bath, so add more health care, try not to make it too dirty, causing humane ozing or even infected parasite.

At the same time, avoiding dogs with more intense sports, do not stimulate dogs and teasing, of course, usually can guide it properly, such as exercise walking away. During pregnancy, the female dog didn't like to be in contact with strangers and the heterogeneous dog. In order to stabilize the mood of the female dog to prevent accidents.

Pet dog has 60 days of pregnancy, small dogs are generally relatively small, some dogs are only two or three, then the Chihuahua is normal, and there is a matter of 5. . One child is probably 3-5 cubs are normal, but in a few cases, some dogs can be born 8. If the cub is too much like, the female breast milk is insufficient, this time needs The owner will help take care of the cub.

Chihuahua's bad productivity is relatively high, and pay attention to when feeding.

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