Do Jihuahua is breeding?

Chihuawa is not very breeding, Chihuahua is relatively high, because Chihuahua is relatively small, so it is easy to produce it when production.

Chihuawa is one of the oldest dogs that people know the oldest dogs, which is a deep and close relationship with the ancient civilization of Mexico. Chihuahua is a small dog species minimal, elegant, vigilance, movement, with a well-known physical and petite size. They are quite popular dogs, and they are also quite extensive. They can be religious guardians, but also a good companion of civilians, up to the nobles to the people, regardless of the level is not a good job, Jihuahua is a good friend. It doesn't like the same variety of foreign countries. There is a similar characteristic of infarction: energetic, small body type, suitable for domestic.

The mating behavior of the dog is very different from the general livestock, which is mainly due to the special structure of the genital structure of the male dog. Usually there is no penis bone in the penis of the livestock, but the penis of the male dog has a penis bone. When mating, it can be inserted into the vagina of the bitch. After the stimulation of the penis is stimulated, the glans spherical sponge in the front end of the penis is immediately congested and expands rapidly. The circumference will increase by about 1 to the original, and then they are smashed by the vagina of the bitch and locked it, so that the penis cannot take out, Its lock is often difficult to separate the public and bows. At this time, the male dog turned down, back to the bitch, and the special posture of the tail with the bitch, at this time, it seems that the male dog with the bitch is like the butt adhesion, the mating time is approximately 10-45 In a minute, when the male prod is complete, the penis sponge is shrunk, and the penis can take out and make them separate.

Note that Chihuahua is one of the dogs that have high yield, it is to know, because the body is small, so it is easier to produce more than a general dog, and there are many caesarean section. It is recommended to pay attention before the mating is generally pregnant for about 58-62 days.

When Qihuahua is in production, it is best to go to the hospital to get live.

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