Do you have a child suitable for Yangji doll?

There is a child in the family, if it is not suitable for the Yangji doll, because the Chihuahua is easy to jeak with the child, if the child has an aggressiveness, it is not good.

Chihuawa is a very cute small dog, the body is small, and the owner is very exciting. The reason why Chihuahua is not suitable for raising is that it has a strong heart, it may hurt the child, and like it, it is more awkward. If you hurt your child because of jealous, it is serious, so there is a child in your home and don't raise Jihuahua.

Chihuawa is one of the oldest dogs that people know the oldest dogs, which is a deep and close relationship with the ancient civilization of Mexico. Chihuahua is a small dog species minimal, elegant, vigilance, movement, with a well-known physical and petite size. They are quite popular dogs, and they are also quite extensive - they can be religious guardians, but also a good partner of civilians, up to the nobles to the people, regardless of the level is not worthy of expensive, Jihua is a good friend. It doesn't like the same variety of the same variety, there is a characteristic of the infarction, and it is energetic.

Before you forage Jihua, you need a certain understanding of it.

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