How to raise tea cups

Tea Pomeraniano has a small size, so it needs to be met when feeding, give it a good job of life care.

General tea cups may be physically made up, so their physical fitness is relatively fragile than dog breeds, so they have more fine care, especially puppies, and Don't have a hint of horses, otherwise some diseases are likely to have.

In addition to their daily care, it is necessary to pay special attention to their usual diet. Parents don't need to give them food content and foods with high heat. They are generally given to the professional dog food that is suitable for teacup dog. In addition, there is also less important food.

Tea Cup Pano is actually different from ordinary Pomeranian breeding methods, just because it is relatively small, so it is necessary to pour more care and love, just pay more attention to their physical condition and diet. It is generally no problem.

The tea cup Teddy dog u200bu200bin the past few years is more popular, mainly because Teddy dogs are more popular. Now because everyone knows that many bad business dealers use the physical defective Teddy dog. The disguise into Tea Cup Teddy is sold, so now people don't believe in Tea Cup, so some dog dealers have seen more and more teacups in the market in order to pursue high profits. In fact, the Pomeranian itself is a small dog. It is not very high. Even the normal body is not long, the general dog haw-haunted photo shows that Bome can put in the teacup, basically in the Pomeranian or When the puppies were taken.

When you raise a Tea Cup, pay attention to its health.

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