How to raise young Bomei dogs

Young Bomei dogs need to prepare a suitable living environment when they are raising, and they will feed it every day to develop good eating habits.

First, Pomeranian beauty:

Generally, the whole body hair is cut into a circular shape, and when the trim, in order to maintain a good body shape and neat, it should be combed to comb. Trim, the ear is scratched into a circle. The tail root is wide in electric shear, so that the tail is reached in the ear. The claws should be shorter, and the long hair in the inside is shorter, and the appearance is like a cat. In short, there are many beautiful methods of dogs. Everyone can combine the characteristics of the dog's body in the shape of the dog's body, cover the defect, and highlight the requirements.

Second, Pomeranian training:

1, designated size . 2 months to 3 months old Pomens are easy to accept fresh things.

First, give Teddy dog u200bu200b"toilet", this place is fixed, not free to replace it. The owner can take the newspaper with the dog with dog urine in a fixed place. When the Bomei is about to solve the size, he will hear the ground. At this time, it should be taken to the dog's hand. At the beginning, it may not be in a fixed location. At this time, the owner needs to be accused, and clean with soap, as long as it is repeated, patiently tune the general one, two weeks, slower to three, four weeks Can learn.

2, bark,

Friends who have raised Pomens should know that Bomei is very aircraft, likes to be messy, this is a very bad behavior, need to correct . When the owner found that the dog did not rager, it should be stopped immediately. If the dog stops, if the dog stops, it will give a reward, such as some chicken dry, sweet fries, etc. If there is no effect, the dog is still barking, you can take the newspaper roll into the cylinder to gently pat, let the dog know to be punished!

3, the dog,

There will be many pomposes in the dog, and there is nothing wrong with you, if you come to guests to scare others, or just happen to others. Dog, this is awkward. So if there is a puppetous person's povery, you will blame and correct it!

Third, Pomeranian somatic odor:

(1) The dog's ear often floats out of the odor, in fact, as long as the owner uses the correct way to clean the ear, it can reduce this The situation occurred. The presence of the ear wad can help the ear against the external disease source, the color of the ear warth is white, pale yellow, yellow, and the shape consists of powdered, blocks, soft mud, but must be regularly cleaned, otherwise normal ears will not Good taste is generated.

(2) The dog's bad breath is an important source of odor, pay attention to check the problem of dog dental stones. So, the ownerPay attention to the dog regularly tooth the teeth, effectively control the dog's tooth stones, you can let the dog have a good tone. The best way is to let the dog multi-grinding teeth, the dog is born with a strong bitterness, relying on eating molar cleaning, protecting the teeth. You can choose some chicken dry to molar, which can both grind teeth, can also be used as a training reward, why not?

(3) The anal gland is the most important source of dog's odor, the dog living in the home, because there is not much exercise, the muscle strength of the leg is reduced, and the excess anal adensole is pushed out, causing The anal gland accumulation causes swelling. So, when you help the dog, the owner can help the dog to clean the dog to keep the dog health.

Four, Pomeranian daily diet:

First can choose professional to feed. There are many kinds of dog food brands currently sold in the market, and the style is different. Parents can choose the right dog food to feed according to the growth of Pomens. For example, the puppies can choose a professional puppy dog u200bu200bfood to feed; the adult Pomeranian dog can buy professional adult dog food.

In addition to professional dog food, you can buy ingredients yourself, you have some dog food yourself (of course, according to the dog recipes). Meat can choose pork, beef, mutton, no muscles of chicken bones, etc. You can also buy a big pig bone, bovine bones to give Pomeranian soup; then produce as dog food to Pomeranian is also very Nice food. These nutrients, balanced foods are suitable for Pomeranian, and the growth of dogs is also very healthy.

Digestion is also a disease that the dog often has, and the dog is indigestion. You can give the dog to the dog, Mo Di, and regulate the stomach.

When you raise it, you need to prepare it accordingly.

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