Why is Jihuawe?

The factors of Jihuawa are mainly because of the vigilance of Chihuahua is very high, so when they are urgently, Chihuahua will have a bite.

Chihuahua is very small, and its personality is brave, whether it faces how strong enemies, Chihuahua will be brave to face not afraid. The gents will not be impulsive in life, but their personality is also very strong. Once some people invade, or let it be threatened by life, then Chihuahua will also be free.

If you misfortune is bitten by Chihuahua, your parents don't worry too much. If the Chihuahua has a regular body, in vitro deworming, there is a timely vaccination for Chihuahua, then parents don't have to worry about rabies or other harm. Of course, if the owner is still afraid, then go to the hospital to diagnose and check, follow the doctor's arrangement to ensure the safety of family and others.

For the situation of Gilva bit the owner, the first is to be in time, severely reprimand it. Even small dog species, their teeth are also sharp, very dangerous to the owner, must change the bad habits of the bite as soon as possible. After the Chihuahua bite, it can be reprimanded, or knock the magazine roll into the floor, and it is a very effective way. After the owner is reprimanded, the Chihuahua will be quiet, and it should praise it.

If Ji Dawa likes to bite strange, you can eliminate the fear of Kihuahua with the help of friends. You can let friends feed the Gihuahua, and let it see that food is handed over from the owner, so that this person is trustworthy, not dangerous. After the Gilva has a friend feed it, two people have to praise it together, so that it will be increasingly touched with strangers.

Before you raise Jiga, you need to consider it.

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