Bolognesers can take a shower

Pok Dogs can take a bath for 3 months, and the owner should not take a bath before the Pomeranian vaccine deworm, avoid affecting their health.

First, the dog is not able to take a shower when the dog is less than three months, because the dog's body in that time is very fragile. If the shower hair is not blowing in time, the dog is easy to get Cold and enteritis, then the dog's life may not guarantee. And this time, dogs have not accepted the vaccine, as well as dewormions in vitro, and the body is very weak.

In addition, the dog is over 45 days, it is necessary to start vaccination, and the separation time between each frame one second is about 20 days. In this period of time, parents can not take a shower for Pomeranian puppies. Because the vaccination is a weak virus. If you take a shower in a very weak in the dog's body, then the dog is likely to be sick.

Second, winter and summer dog's bath cycle is different. Spring and autumn are different. The weather is relatively cold winter, usually take a shower for a month, summer usually take a shower, the spring and autumn is usually taken every two weeks. Therefore, the parents must arrange the time to take a bath.

Finally, parents must prepare all the utensils before taking a bath, more than the comb, shampoo shampoo, blowing dryer, and bath towel. Moreover, the parents must remember that before taking a bath, they must help it trim the nails to prevent injuring the owner in the process of taking a shower.

When you take a bath, you can't take a shower when you are sick.

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