Chihuahua Dog Symptoms: fever, pulse, vomiting, loss of appetite, spiritual wilting, etc. It takes good attention when feeding.

The effect of imprints against dogs:

Canine distemper is a very popular infectious disease in the dog, commonly known as dogphen, in the dog's incidence height of. When the Chuhua was infected with the dogwood virus, the virus would latency at a dog's body for at least ten days. The symptoms of dogs in the early days of the disease are very similar to the cold. When the dog is very depressed, the dog will be very depressed. There are a variety of complications such as high temperature, diarrhea and vomiting. When the dog is late, there may be neurological problems. At this time, the possibility of cure will be very low.

Dogwind therapy:

The possibility of cure the treatment of the cure, but with the development of the disease, canine disease may cause a variety of The complications, in the later stage will also be invaded by other pathogens. If concurrent bacterial infections are not treated in time, the dog's life will tend to end. Generally speaking, doctors will take a method of injection of serum and antibodies to the dog in the hospital to remove the virus in the dog, and then use the corresponding drug according to the dog's condition.

Dogwinding pathway:

There are two ways to infect canine disease infection, one is from the puppies of the purse, one is because of the dog The infection caused by the dog in the rekhimony in the dog. Whether it is caused by a dog, the dog is sick, it is a big damage to the dog's body, so it is best to give it a vaccination for two months of Chihuahua to provide guarantees for the health of Chihuahua.

When feeding Jihuahua, pay attention to its health.

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