How many years of Pomeranian life

Pomeranian life is generally between 14 and 20 years old, the age of Bomei is still relatively long, and most of them can live to teens, and of course there are many relationships with the owners' usual feeding nursing. If you are careful, you may be more than this maximum year, and it doesn't take care of your life, you will be shortened or injured.

1, the bath is preferably 1-2 weeks, giving Bomei is not good for its health, you must use the dog-specific bath product.

2, avoiding overeating only fed meat Pomeranian, is a small dog itself is relatively fragile, especially when young. If you have a large amount of food for a long time, it will support it. You can choose some dog food containing probiotics to help intestinal digestion. Dogs are very loved on meat, but too much edible meat food will also have gastrointestinal burden, if diarrhea, vomiting, etc. must be medical treatment.

3, leftovers left left, don't give BM IF, Pomeranian staple food is still mainly based on natural and healthy dog u200bu200bfood, the leftovers have more than the normal oxygen content of Bomei, and various seasonings The agent will increase the chance of hypertension, heart disease, and nephropathy. And long-term nutrients are unbalanced, resulting in rare dog hair, tear marks, etc.

4, dogs like 肉, it is recommended to choose big bones, such as pig cattle and sheep, or some small snacks of molars. Chicken Duck Fish These pointed bones are not suitable for Bomei, sharp bones are easily stabbed to Bomei's gastric mucosa or esophagus.

5, there are other taboo foods, such as the liver, although the nutrients are rich, and the liver has detoxified features, which is also in the liver, and it is not recommended to give the dog long-term consumption, there will be bleeding, itchy skin, vitamins A poisoning, etc.

Pomeranian life, and the owner's feeding method.

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